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DIY Decorating with Halloween Lanterns

Get spooky chic with this easy home décor project.

Gearing up for a Halloween fright fest -- or perhaps a candy-coated kids party? For some DIY decorating inspiration, try these easy Halloween lanterns. Bonus: It’s an earth-friendly way to repurpose old glass jars. Chic and environmentally friendly? Nothing spooky about that!


Glass mason jars, washed and dried

Spray paint in desired colors

Acrylic paint, black

Paint brush, small enough to paint detailed designs

Patterned ribbon

Tea lights

Step 1

Turn the jars upside down on your painting surface and apply several coasts of spray paint according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the jars dry completely.

Step 2

Paint your chosen designs on the outside of the jars with black acrylic paint. (It may take a couple of coats to get a solid color.) Our favorites? Pumpkin faces, spiders, ghost eyes and bats. Let dry completely.

Step 3

Optional: Apply a coat of high-gloss varnish to the outsides of the jars. To finish your lanterns, glue a patterned ribbon around the top and place a tea light in them to add a nice glow to your holiday party. This is a great project for kids -- until you put the candle inside. Then please keep out of reach of children.