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Screen-wrapped Luminaries for the Holidays

Screen fabric transforms these luminaries from airy sculptures by day to glowing lights at night.

Wrap economical canning jars in window screen fabric for luminaries that transform from airy sculptures during the day to warm, glowing lights at night.

What It Costs: $25 for eight

What You’ll Need

48x7-foot bright screen

Pack of twelve 32-ounce jars

18-gauge steel wire

Wire cutters

Steel snips or heavy-duty scissors

Needle-nose pliers

Leather work gloves

1. Unroll the screen and cut it in half down the center of the 7-foot length of the roll. Cut both strips to make eight 21x24-inch pieces. Then cut a 16-inch piece of 18-gauge wire for each luminary you’ll make. Note: Clipped ends of metal screen can be sharp, so protect your hands with leather work gloves.


2. Make two diagonal creases in each 21-in x 24-in piece of screen and unfold the material after each creasing. On one of the screens, place a jar at the center where the creases meet.


3. Bunch the screen around the neck of the jar and press it tightly against the glass. Check that the screen under the bottom of the jar doesn’t keep the luminary from sitting flat on the work surface.


4. While holding the screen pulled tight, wrap a piece of wire around the screen and glass just below the lip near the top of the jar. Use needle-nose pliers to twist the wire tight. Clip off any excess wire.


5. Shape the folds of screen as desired to form a plume and to provide access for placing a candle or LED light in the jar.


6. If you plan to display your luminaries in a breezy outdoor area and there’s no snow to anchor them, partially fill the bottoms of the jars with sand to provide stability.


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