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Tips on how to grow herbs indoors.

Tips on how to grow herbs indoors.

While growing herbs on the windowsill sounds like a fun thing to do, it's actually not that easy. Cooking herbs, whatever variety, require a lot of sunshine when grown indoors. If you have a sunroom, or large, south-facing windows, your herbs will probably do very well in the winter months. Using a grow-light, set on 7 to 8 hours of light, can also work well.

But don't let the potential difficulty discourage you from trying! Even if your potted herb only lasts a couple of months, you will still have some fresh herb sprigs to use during that time.

For a good starter plant, try rosemary, which works great in a number of recipes and is easier than an herb such as basil for indoor growing. You can find a potted rosemary plant for sale in most stores this time of year. Keep your rosemary indoors all winter and follow these steps:

1. Keep the potted rosemary in an unheated or cool room with good window light -- even a room that might get near freezing during the winter.

2. Water sparingly, only once every 2 to 3 weeks. Too much moisture will rot the roots and kill the plant. Your rosemary will remain dormant and can be moved out to the patio or garden in the summer.

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